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Through satellite television and the internet,
CGNTV goes wherever the Good News of Christ is needed.

CGNTV initially started as a “mission & education network” for Korean missionaries abroad, broadcasting globally 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. The purpose was to supply Korean missionaries all over the world with spiritual training resources as well as help Korean Christian Diasporas maintain their spiritual walks with God.

On March 29, 2005 CGNTV launched its head office in Seoul, Korea and on August 27, 2005 its USA branch office in Los Angeles, California. Through these two locations, our network is accessible to Korean speakers all over the world.

However, with the launching of CGNTV Japan in Tokyo and Osaka on October 30, 2006, CGNTV entered a transitional period. It took its’ first step in providing a “customized network” for the numerous different languages, ethnicities and countries in the world. Following the 24-hour customized broadcast in Japanese, CGNTV plans to launch “CGNTV China” in January of 2008 and “CGNTV Latina” for those in South and Central America in March of 2008.

Our program consists of services, conferences, sermons, quiet times, news, columns, and documentaries for everyone including children and youth. All programs are free for our satellite subscribers and all operation costs covered through donations.

For areas where satellite television isn’t available, our programs can be accessed for free through the internet at Video programs can be viewed through our VOD and audio sermons and the like through our internet radio 24 hours a day.

185-4 CGN Bldg. , Seobinggo-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Tel. 02-796-9800A A  Fax. 02-749-6638
Satellite installation : 02-796-1118


* Carrying on the vision of Acts 29 through the means of satellite broadcasting network
Serving 6.7 million Christians abroad, 14000 missionaries and dependent churches inside and outside the country.

* Acts 29 is a vision that shares Jesus' view of church and pastoral philosophy of Acts with all the churches on the earth, in order to extend the Kingdom of God.


The symbol mark is the most important representative of CGNTV CIP(Corporate Identity Program) in driving the image of the 'global' CGNTV home to the customers.

Combining two circles, each representing the earth and the satellite, it basically shows that CGNTV is with you everywhere over the face of the earth; it also shows that there are the ripple effects from the meeting of the two, strongly denoting the shout of God's salvation, that is, christian evangelism.
The form, color, and the way of mixing the two circles cannot be changed at will.